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Fran├žois Meienberg

Fran├žois Meienberg has worked since 1999 as Campaign Coordinator for Public Eye (,  formerly: Berne Declaration) with a focus on ABS, Intellectual Property Rights and Agriculture. Since 2009 he is also joint managing director for the Berne Declaration. He followed CBD ABS and FAO-Treaty negotiations since 2000. He has assisted in several projects and campaigns with different stakeholders to stop possible misappropriation of plant genetic resources and implement and to implement ABS including: Basmati Patent, Swartzia Madagascariensis, Hoodia, Pelargonium Patent and Rooibos (more information at In the nineties he worked as a campaign coordinator for Greenpeace Switzerland and from 1987 to 1993 as an actor for theatres in Germany and Switzerland and for TV, Film and Radio. He is the author a several hiking books. He has a Bachelor of Arts and a diploma as a chemical laboratory worker.

Elin Cecilie Ranum