Third World Network


Third World Network (TWN) has operated for about 25 years as a non-profit international network of organizations and individuals involved in issues relating to sustainable development, the South and North-South relations. Its registered headquarters is in Malaysia. TWN has regional secretariats in Montevideo, Uruguay; Accra, Ghana as well as offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Geneva, Switzerland. Its objective is to promote the interests and perspectives of the South in economic, social and environmental areas. TWN has affiliated organizations in several Southern countries and also cooperates with a number of organizations in the North. TWN’s activities include research and publications, organization of workshops for relevant stakeholders, as well as participating in intergovernmental meetings especially at the UN. A focus area for TWN is agricultural biodiversity, farmers’ rights and intellectual property. In this regard, TWN actively participates in intergovernmental meetings of FAO, CBD, WTO & WIPO. On these issues, TWN has also participated in a number of national processes. In 2009, with UNDP support, TWN co-organized national consultations with government agencies in Indonesia and the Philippines on national implementation of Article 27.3(b) of the WTO TRIPs Agreement as it relates plant variety protection. In addition, TWN’s Director is currently on the CGIAR Genetic Resources Policy Committee.