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Issue #47

In this issue: New PVP Act of Ghana: Harsh protest by civil society -- Private varieties and jailed farmers -- The Inventory on Farmers’ Rights is now online -- Towards an African Centred AfCFTA Intellectual Property Protocol -- UPOV Symposium on Harvested Material

Issue #46

In this issue: Practical Manual on the Right to Seeds in Europe -- Article: UPOV 91 - Not Fit for the Future -- OECD Report: Making Better Policies for Food Systems -- UPOV: The great seed robbery (by GRAIN)

Issue #45

In this issue: Press Release: UPOV Misleads Developing Countries with Absurdly Incorrect Information -- New Report: Plant Variety Protection in Practice in Vietnam: The Pains in the Gains Achieved -- Views on the private and non-commercial exception of UPOV -- Essentially Derived Varieties: No more questions? --

Issue #44

In this issue: New APBREBES publication - a compilation of selected literature -- Research Brief on the Right to Seeds and Intellectual Property Rights -- Research Paper on UNDROP by the South Center -- Governance of Intellectual Property over Plant Varieties in Asia

Issue #43

In this issue: UPOV Meeting Report -- Research Brief on Foreign Policy and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants -- Policy Brief: Multilateral Regulatory Regimes and Plant Breeding -- Article: Farmer-plant-breeders and the law on Java

by François Meienberg, APBREBES Coordinator
Issue #42

In this issue: Intellectual Property Rights and the Realization of Farmers’ Rights under the ITPGRFA – A Conflict? -- Thai House Committee on Trans-Pacific Partnership presses clarification on Thailand official observer status in UPOV -- The importance of Food Sovereignty for the Farm to Fork strategy and the New Green Deal -- New Book: Local Knowledge, Intellectual Property and Agricultural Innovation

by François Meienberg, APBREBES Coordinator
Issue #41

In this issue: Open letter / Press Release: Stop double standards in Free Trade Agreements -- The Covid-19Pandemic and the need to change our food systems -- Seed security in the wake of the Corona crisis -- Harnessing the Multilateral Patent and PVP Regimes to Advance FoodSecurity -- ‘Keeping seeds in our hands’: the rise of seedactivism” -- 348 organizationsfrom 46 countriescelebrate international seed day

by François Meienberg, APBREBES Coordinator
Issue #40

In this issue: Editorial -- International Seed Day 2020: Citizens of the World, reclaim our seed -- The UN Declaration on Peasants' Rights(UNDROP): Is Article 19 on seed rightsadequatelybalancingintellectual propertyrightsand the right to food? -- The role of community seed banks in achieving farmers’ rights -- Intelectuall property rights and agricultural development: Evidence from a worldwide index of IPRs in agriculture (1961-2018)

by François Meienberg, APBREBES Coordinator
Issue #39

In this issue: Editorial -- New Video: Monopolies on Seeds: How Free Trade Agreements threaten Food Security and Biodiversity -- A historical institutional analysis of access governance of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture in Ethiopia -- Copyright or copyleft: An assessment of farmer-innovators’ attitudes towards intellectual property rights -- Joint statement by United Nations human rights experts on the occasion of the 1st anniversary of the adoption of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas (UNDROP)